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About The Game

Unstoppable Mike is a fun and challenging Action Platformer game filled with puzzles and obstacles. Trapped in the underworld, help Mike find his way out by completing the challenges and by defeating the bosses while following two simple rules of the underworld. Mike cannot stop once he starts running and he can change his direction only by hitting a wall or any obstacle.

Release Date: Q3, 2019
Genre: Action, Puzzle, Platformer
Developer: JMD Arts
Platform: PC (Steam), Xbox One

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100+ Challenging Levels

Get your skills tested by playing more than hundred challenging levels. Each level brings you a new challenge while progressing through the Story Mode.

Intense Boss Battles

Every boss battle is unique and challenging. Fight through the bosses and defeat them in Story Mode to unlock more survival levels.

Co-op Survival Mode

How long can you last in this endless Survival Mode? Play with your friend in the Co-op mode.

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