JMD ARTS announces new game: Unstoppable Mike

Developed by JMD Arts, Unstoppable Mike is a challenging action platformer game with some puzzle element set in the depth of hell where Mike must collect all the ‘life crystals’ and escape from hell to save his wife. The only catch is he cannot stop running.

[New Delhi, March 25, 2019] – JMD Arts successfully announces a new 2D action platformer game, “Unstoppable Mike” developed with a unique theme and idea, which display the extensive use of platformer mechanism and game industry experience by the developers.

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Mike will stop at nothing to save his beloved wife. He must travel to the depth of hell, also known as ‘the Underworld’ and get back with the ‘Crystal of Life’ to rescue his wife. He must overcome all the hurdles and challenges throughout his quest. But in the mysterious and strange underworld, Mike cannot stop once he starts running. He will have to collect the life crystals using his skills and wit while being always on the move. Fight through intense boss battles and overcome all the challenges while always on the move. Will Mike be able to save his wife? Can Mike become the Unstoppable?

 “As an avid fan of platformer games, we are making this game from the point of view of a gamer. All levels are carefully handcrafted to make the game fun as well as challenging. Most levels are designed in such a way that it can be completed in multiple approaches, thereby, enhancing replayability of the game.” said JMD Arts CEO, Jonali Das.

“The game is inspired from classics like Super Mario to Super Meat boy but this is not a generic platformer.” said lead game developer of JMD Arts, Sondeep Hazarika.  “Here, the player must overcome all the hurdles while being constantly on the move. This adds to the challenge and players must think wisely in some situations. It really feels rewarding to play the game. People need to play this game”.

As Mike, the player runs and jumps across the depth of hell, avoiding fatal hazards and obstacles. Mike cannot stop once he starts running and can change his direction only by hitting a wall or objects. He has to collect 14 crystals in each world to get to the next. Along the way, Mike learns new abilities like Slide, Slow down, shorter jumps and Dash to aid him in his quest. Watch out! ‘Guards of the Underworld’ bosses will attempt to stop Mike, forcing the player to change tactics to survive and overcome the challenges.



About the Developers:
The team is working together since 2011 in the field of video games and is established in London and deal with global video games companies like Nordic Games, 1C, PlugIn Digital, Kiss Ltd, Nexway etc. For achieving their desired goal, the team shifted from digital distribution of games to full-time game development in 2018.

Press Contact:
Sondeep Hazarika

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